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george replied to the topic 'Put the pedal to the metal...Joe.' in the forum. 47 minutes ago

I guess it depends on where and how you intend to play. If you're a bullet guy and end somewhere with and opportunity but not your own mic it could be awkward playing. I learned on a straight mic, but get called to join in with various bands and I never know what mic I'll see until I get up there. I'd suggest going to a music store and try them all out: bullet, condenser, cardiod. Be sure to check up close (like, right on the screen) and back a few inches and back a foot. Some give good control to the player while others can distort or make it so loud the audience winces or so quiet they think you're a mute.


Dexer replied to the topic 'Dedicated chromatic player' in the forum. 2 hours 34 minutes ago

All things being equal, I'd probably just play chromatic harmonica. The first video I posted here was on a CX12...I posted bad chromatic playing so that people would be less likley to realize that I'm a bad diatonic player :).


But things aren't equal. I have 3 chromatics: a Super Chromonica 270, a CX12 and a cheapo Swan 1248 for practice. Other than the obvious price difference, I find the chromatics to be physically problematical and maintenance hogs. Despite careful and thorough warming before play (in fact, I'm warming a chromatic right now) the valves on the two Hohners will invariably start to stick after about 20 minutes. It will generally be just on one hole but it's annoying as all heck. Ironically, the bargain basement Swan is the one that almost never sticks. The slide on the 270 use to stick so badly that it developed a stress crack after a year and I had to replace it.

I really love the sound of chromatics...even when played by a hack like me. Unfortunately, using that chromatic is like using my old Triumph convertible. It's an excercise in parts and maintenance.

The diatonics "win" by virtue of simplicity and near indestructibility. In two and a half years of learning the harp I've never had a diatonic suffer any kind of mechanical issue. They don't sound as sweet as chromatics but they are (for me) less frustrating.


SWAPAN DEB replied to the topic 'Dedicated chromatic player' in the forum. 8 hours 4 minutes ago

Oh Eric, definitely I shall be grateful if I get some tips on chromatic from an experienced chromatic player like you. Basically I am a diatonic player(not Blues). Mostly melodious songs I used to play and have got no authentic training. Recently, I have got a Seydel Saxony(orchestra tuning) Key-C chromatic harp. I can play songs in Key-C & Am easily & in Em & D not very comfortably. Being a solo player and used to play most of my songs in Karaoke(not at the time of regular practice). Now the question: Is it necessary to learn and use to with all/most the keys in chromatic? If not, which keys are necessary to learn and do practice with for melodious songs.
After playing chromatic since last 3/4 months and recorded four songs on it, I think, to keep the flavor & moods of a melodious song, the song should be played in those keys in which flat & sharp notes are in a minimum. Reason:To avoid maximum engagement of our one hand to press the slider button.To play a melodious song, it is necessary to shape the sound/notes with the help of our one hand. Of course this is my personal view and intend your views in this regard. ....Swapan


Eric33 replied to the topic 'Dedicated chromatic player' in the forum. 8 hours 59 minutes ago

Hi Swapan, what i can say is that diatonic and blues playing hold no interest for me at all.I prefer to play real melodic music,tunes from the 30s and upwards.I don't know if you feel the same.However i must tell you that i have been playing Chromatic for many years and have built up a repertoire of over 400 tunes.I cannot read music,but i do run a Harmonica club in my home town.If there is any way that i can help you ,don't hesitate to contact me .In the meantime Keep Puffing,Eric33.


pele66 replied to the topic 'Your Other Hobbies?' in the forum. 16 hours 31 minutes ago

Hi Clogger the doll on a stick it wasn't Tom Finney by any chance ,he could dance around the opposition no trouble,LOL .Pele66.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'notes' in the forum. 18 hours 12 minutes ago

If the letters are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or maybe one that reads Bb ( B-flat)
they refer to the note played. If you are looking at a chart for say a harmonica
in the key of C, and you look at 3 hole draw, you may notice four notes, B, Bb,
A, and Ab. The first note, B, is the note being played in its natural pitch, the next
note, Bb, is the first half step draw bend in hole 3, the next note, A, is the full step
draw bend in hole 3, at lastly the Ab note, 3 hole's last available note, bent step and a half.


spideryak replied to the topic 'Put the pedal to the metal...Joe.' in the forum. yesterday

I like the bullet style mic. It doesn't pick up that much peripheral noise and has the volume control built right into it.
It's not for vocals and it doesn't fit into a regular mic stand, so not quite as versatile that way...


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Your Other Hobbies?' in the forum. yesterday

I saw a renaissance performer who goes by the name "The Fool Of Moxie" who makes and
sells these dancing puppets. I seem to remember him being based out of Ocala Fl.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Put the pedal to the metal...Joe.' in the forum. yesterday

I use an Astatic JT30 straight into a TUBE amp, no pedals. If I were to look for pedals
I would go with something compatible with HARMONICA, not guitar. The absolute
best harmonica pedals are from www.lonewolfblues.com check 'em out.


Dexer replied to the topic 'Your Other Hobbies?' in the forum. yesterday

Clogger wrote:

I took a photograph of a fiddler with a jig doll in Preston, England...

Hey, my Grandfather Frank Gallimore played for Preston North End from 1931 to 1941.



Clogger replied to the topic 'Your Other Hobbies?' in the forum. yesterday

I took a photograph of a fiddler with a jig doll in Preston, England; sadly I can't find the picture. He played standing with a rod sticking out from a belt around his waist, the doll was suspended from the end of the rod and danced on the ground as the fiddler moved.

It's gonna drive me mad looking for this picture now!


MexVerse replied to the topic 'new member' in the forum. yesterday

Hi everyone I'm dopey excited to be path off a club with a bunch of harmonica lovers I. This world.


BlueMaple created a new topic ' Put the pedal to the metal...Joe.' in the forum. yesterday

After almost two years of practicing with my harmonicas, I do believe that I deserve the purchase of my first pedal. But which one? Bullet mike or a straight up classic mike? Any comments or stories and suggestions?.


AndyT replied to the topic 'Hello from Nashville' in the forum. yesterday

Welcome Wes

I think you have lots of things going for you. A son and a wife starting out on their musical journey, so you can all discuss and learn together.

Having no musical background won't hold you back (insert some joke about a music star with no talent if you wish), that will come, if you do five things.
1. Practise
2. Listen to music
3. Practise
4. Listen to music. And
5. Practise.

It will come in time. Look forward to hearing about your improvements.



AndyT replied to the topic 'new member' in the forum. yesterday

Hello Wahoo

Welcome to the club.

Andy T


AndyT replied to the topic 'Hi everyone' in the forum. yesterday

Hi Neville and welcome to the club.

Glad you have a supportive wife, as many of us here have wives who prefer to not hear us play. I'm not helped over here when they have a particularly woeful harmonica player wailing on a TV station Identity advert.

Trouble with playing music is you improve so gradually that you hardly notice it yourself, so I would take your wife's opinion at face value. If you keep practising it's very difficult not to improve.

One trick is to record yourself in stages (to share here or not, it really is just for you) then go back and listen to yourself. It may seem hard, but you'll notice improvements, if only in tone, which is a major improvement believe me. Better to be a player who can play slow but with good tone, than one who has all the tricks, but has an awful tone.

Welcome again.



AndyT added a video. yesterday

Salmon Tails Up the River

Old English folk tune, played in first position on a Hohner Meisterklasse in the key of G.

spideryak replied to the topic 'Hi from George, South Africa!' in the forum. yesterday

Well, that quite a bit aways nice to hear from you.
Sounds like you'll have a good jump on it since you play other instruments as well..
It's all timing and rhythm you can make it as simple or intricate as you want once you get going on it..
Good luck
Have fun


wahoo created a new topic ' new member' in the forum. yesterday

hi new harp player - from idaho


keith replied to the topic 'notes' in the forum. yesterday

Could be for draw, blow or bend. There seems to be quite a few ways in which tunes are tabulated.