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spideryak created a new topic ' 700 miles north to play' in the forum. 1 minute ago

A little off topic update ..we drove the7oo miles north to our other home across the border(frontier) then north north east,
We keep one for in each country..many times one foot is much happier than the other.
Just did our return gig at the senior place the next village up the coast.(We are 180 persons here).
So we had a blast.At age 65 we were about the youngest there.
Yet when it came to the lively tunes you know sure enough some got up to dance...a couple of boogie tunes...and Rock Around the Clock.
We do a little Walter's boogie or a version there of.but one of the most popular was our "Boogie du Jour" for somewhat obvious reasons.
All in all we had 10 new songs since Jan so that was good as well.
...All in all "A good time was had by all"


Irv replied to the topic 'The Alphabet Challenge - C' in the forum. 1 hour 13 minutes ago

This entry of "Cheek To Cheek" is played on a Hohner Marine Band low "C" harmonica, made in the Czech Republic.

Here is the link.



Dexer replied to the topic 'Bass Harmonicas' in the forum. 8 hours 1 minute ago

The general arrangement of your Tombo seems very much like my Suzuki Soprano. My SS-37 is a blow only harp with the holes laid out in piano key fashion.


One of the chaps from my Harmonica Club has a tremolo and it sounds really nice with the French Type of music.Tunes like Under The Bridges of... Show more

richardarmstrong replied to the topic 'Songs for May' in the forum. 16 hours 46 minutes ago

Sarge wrote:

I wanted to play around with my bottle of blues mic and smokey amp. I figured this would be a good song to have fun with.

Thanks for that one sarge.......accurately done and 1st place for speed. .... There is no way I could play it that fast !!
I still hold out hope for squacks before the end of the month.


tpbass replied to the topic 'Bass Harmonicas' in the forum. 17 hours 45 minutes ago

Briefly, the Tombo is GREAT! Different width between holes that will take some practice getting used to. LOUD. Piano hole set-up. Just about as
heavy as a double bass. Decent case. It cost 10X what I paid for the EastTop equivalent but sounds better.

Now if I just learn how to play it like I hope too.


tpbass replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. 18 hours ago

I have always loved harmonica music since I was a kid. I traded a trombone for a Hohner 64 Chromonica and a Chrometta 8. Also got a song book and learned one song bud played badly. Didn't know what I was doing. Lost interest.

After my wife passed in 2010 (we were married 44 years) I found Mile High Harmonica Club in a suburban newspaper ad. Thought I'd just go to get out of the house and listen to the music. That was in early 2011. Didn't want to play but as usual got involved in the clubs' activities. After I got elected president
I figured that I couldn't be in that position if I didn't play. I have COPD and fortunately it is a mild case. Still, blowing and drawing wore me out.

The club kept losing bass players and I knew they were blow only so bought a Tombo pocket bass as a trial instrument to see if I could play it and if I liked
it. I have 7 basses now and still have the Hohner that I'll never play. 2 pocket basses, 3 double basses with one being an extended and 2 single reed which
includes my new Tombo Contra Bass. I also own a Seydel-Schaman chord that was made to help people with COPD and other breathing issues. The Seydel has 8 chords and I practice with it sometimes.

The new Tombo is wonderful! Holes are further apart than any other bass that I have so when you miss the hole a little you get less from adjacent holes
and sometimes are still on target enough to not miss the note. It plays LOUD. Regular practice will cure that in a while.

I believe that the objective for a bass player should be to set the rhythm and a solid bass line for the other instruments. Always trying to not be boring and
putting in little riffs of bass here and there. It is the little riffs that are eluding me. Learning to read music again is coming more slowly than I want.

Playing the lead is not an object for me like some other players. Although that is fun too. I want to make everyone that plays with me sound better because I am there. Give the songs some depth.

So, I just play bass and a little chord. Basses are chromatic. There is a mouthpiece that connects the double basses together and has a slide like a regular
chromatic. I can't afford it at my skill level. I think that is around $500 or so.

Reed, my "64" is an early 80's model.


Crawforde replied to the topic 'Harmonica Happy 2.0' in the forum. yesterday

You should like it.
For some tunes a tremolo is really nice.


keith replied to the topic 'Harmonica Happy 2.0' in the forum. yesterday

I wish we had bargains like Dex finds, but we don't, so I have to pay real prices for mine. :(

Anyway, I took a fancy to trying out a Tremolo - asked some questions (on my other forum), & decided to go for a Seydel Fanfare.

There aren't many videos online but the few that I found sounded quite good, an interesting alternative sound compared to standard harmonicas.


Rubber Legs Brand new member and been learning 10 hole harp about 3 months.. yesterday

Is mingelgrin

Does anyone at the harmonica club know is mingelgrin he was a member for years

truthordare Isi yesterday
Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Bendometer' in the forum. yesterday

I am what is referred to as "old school," I still use my ears to figure out runs, riffs, etc.
The guitar player in the group I play with swears by The Amazing SlowDowner from
Roni Music, ronimusic.com/ He plays the Hell out of "Hot Rod Lincoln" and
attributes it to being able to break it down with the SlowDowner. Zero pitch change,
no matter how slow the segment.
Regards, Reed


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. yesterday

I play diatonics and 64 chromatics, I would like to think I play each with equal aplomb, but I know I'm better on the diatonic.
My favorite harmonica is one that is in tune and has a smooth comb surface. I recently acquired a Hohner 64 Chromonica in
C that Danny G dates to the late 60's early 70's, it plays superbly. I'm working up Rod Piazza's "Devil's Foot", cool tune.
I want to add more Chromatic tunes to our bands repertoire.
I have several different makes and models of harmonicas, a half dozen "custom" harmonicas, I am partial to the Hohner sound with Seydel a close second.

"Playin' harmonica is like whacking off. You mess with it long enuff, you'll figure it out!" Delbert McClinton


Sarge replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. yesterday

Hey Drifter, welcome to the forum. I hope you hang around and join the fun.


Sarge replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. yesterday

Hey yak, you should sell those chromatics if you don't play them.


spideryak replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. yesterday

I play diatonics.... Love em..

I have a few chromatics mostly because I was encouraged to try them, but my heart isn't into it .
I like to listen to others play them from time to time, but for me they sit in the desk draw.


Drifter replied to the topic 'What harmonicas do you play?' in the forum. yesterday

The harmonica I play most is a Frames diatonic which cost about £10. I spent a long time trying to bend notes and, although I can now manage to bend a few of them, I can't do it consistantly enough to work them into a tune. This left me with the problem that I did not have all the notes I wanted. I then heard about Paddy Richter tuning and filed down one of the Gs to produce that tuning (I have a C harmonica). I then decided to file down all the lower reeds to give me a complete octive (less the low C) and that is the instrument I play all the time. I transpose all my tunes into C and I now have over 200 tunes that I can play easily. The price if the instrument is the important thing as I would not have tried to modify a more expensive harp.


Reed Smith replied to the topic 'Songs for May' in the forum. yesterday

Oh hell yeah!!