Hi all. I've decided to quit and hand it over to anyone who might be interested in having the site. I'd like to see someone develop the site as a club, and not just someone who will use it to run banner ads for their main site. However whoever makes the best pitch will have total ownership and control of the three domains ( to develop as they see fit. It will be helpful if the person is a harmonica player with some web development experience, otherwise you may find you've bitten off more than you can chew.

Be aware that the three domains cost €52.70 per year to retain. although the .com domain only costs €20.84 per year if you wanted to let the other two expire. There is an SSL certificate with the account which is currently pointing at the .org domain and that costs €36.89 per year to maintain. And finally the hosting plan is with and costs €110.46 per year. So the total cost of keeping the site online is currently €200.05 per year. I find that it's better to rationalize the expense of running it as the cost of your new hobby, then it dont seem expensive when you compare it to something like golf or going to the gym. I find that its best not to charge membership dues cos that only accentuates your responsibility to the members and may cause you stress. However, whoever takes over has sole authority to run the site as they see fit.

The best way to contact me is an IM through my facebook page at I'm not expecting payment for the site. I would just like to see it go to a good home. If nobody is interested I will eventually let the hoisting plan and domains expire.

Yours James Murnane (Seamus)

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