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    19. 01. 1969
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    I can speak 6 languages, I was Born and raised in New Delhi,India in eminent family of Doctor's who has served before Independence in Army & was decorated by last viceroy of India as my paternal Grandfather & his elder son my late uncle was in Airforce served in Burma front and my late father was Hobby pilot.Who retired as deputy director in Indian parliament.. I am residing in Hamburg,Germany for the past 18 Years.
    Playing Since 1980..Harmonica's, Drum's & Keyboard's..I am Hobby player & Music is one of my many Hobbies. My wife is American from Bronx,N.Y.of Puerto Rican & Liverpool origin residing in Long Island. I am fond of Old American Ragtime, Jazz,Country & Blue's Music. This includes works of J Hendrix,Old British Rock & European Classical. My Hobbies are cooking,2 Stroke Bike's Tuning, Gardening fruits & Rose's,Archery, Fishing,Camping,Bird's Breeding(Racing Pigeon & Parrot) Aquarium(Dwarf Shrimps & fresh water Fish's) Mountain Biking and Chess..I am not in to any Religion's, Politic,Patriotism and National pride.I am not typical person.I have one grown up son of North German origin..learning in life never end till demise & Ignorance is Bliss and opportunity to self realise our mistake and rectify to correct it out..There's no good, better & best in existence.. Final achievement is death.
    Thank You