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    I'm an an older person who picked up the harmonica in the mid 1980s. I dropped it many times over being discouraged. It wasn't until I picked it up for the 5th or 6th time that I finally made some headway.
    I'm not particularly good at it. I really think I've long been one of the musically hopeless. I just keep trying. I can (eventually) play the notes and tabs help me a lot. My timing / rhythm is awful. I'm certainly not a singer .. lol.

    I grew up in the 60's and 70's listening to Rock & Roll music and have never been a fan of Country. Maybe a little country rock. I seemed to go from liking rock and roll to celtic / traditional music. I think my guitar playing older cousin, friend and companion .. had a lot to do with that. He had shelves full of LPs and much of that music was folk / celtic. When we went out around with friends he was always playing (mostly) folk / celtic tunes.

    I've tried a couple of Chromatic harps over the years, but just couldn't get into them. I went back to my standard diatonic 10 hole types. I can do a little something with them. I still have a Chromatic.

    I would guess I am an somewhere near the intermediate player level. If bending / over blowing and all that is - intermediate level - then I am below that, because I cannot do the bending stuff. Especially the over-blowing and using bends while playing.

    I have lots of 10 hole - diatonic - harmonicas. A few of my favorites are: Seydel Session Steel, Suszuki Hammond HA-20 and Golden Melody. I haven't tried any newer brands like Harmo or Easttop.

    I have ordered a Tombo Band 21 - Key: D. I hope I'll have the wind for it. I have a 32 note - double (vertically) 16 hole (Weekender) harmonica that is very cheap and very high pitched. Also very leaky. I have a hard time playing it.

    The only Chromatic harmonica I own is the Hohner - CX12. I haven't picked the thing up over three or four times. I can't really play it. Well, I can play very basic tunes - not using the slide. I wish I would have got the CX-12 in the key of G, instead C.

    Anyway, a big Thank You to Drifter for pointing me to Lesley Robinson's play along website. This might actually get me playing the
    Chromatic. :)

    The other story ...

    I have COPD and Emphysema which makes it pretty hard to play harmonica and maintain breath control. Unfortunately I was a long term heavy smoker. My family also suffers from hereditary emphysema. Anyway, I'm not (yet) on oxygen. Breathing test have showed my lungs to be over 100 years of age. They are just starting to understand how I am able to (still) to blow and the draw the harmonica. I do run out of air when playing sometimes, but I'm sure the harmonicas are helping me a great deal. Probably the reason I'm not yet on oxygen.

    I even purchased a Chordal Harmonica and I use it quite often. Harmonica breathing exercises are great for (helping to) keeping my lung function strong. Chordal Jamming - http://www.harmonicamd.com/chordal-jamming1.html


    This is my life .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rJYEWjVU9M

    I just keep (huffing and puffing) harping away ...

    Enough for now ..