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JOHN H BROECKER'S WONDER CHANNEL 1 year 2 months ago #9057

Dear John, I have created this channel just for you.
You can post all your contributions here and everybody will know where to find your opinions.

I suggest you start off by posting a video of yourself here, playing a harmonica of your choice and a tune of your choice.
I am so looking forward to seeing your post.


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JOHN H BROECKER'S WONDER CHANNEL 1 year 2 months ago #9069

This may have been started tongue in cheek but...
I for one would look.
John has a lot to offer and I enjoy his posts.
Now I'm no pro, exactly the opposite, and I rely on tabs. But I am going to try to learn standard notation. If nothing else it will get my music reading kids off my back.
It may not be useful for every harp player, or even most, but for chromatic players looking to play unknown pieces it should be priceless. Sometimes my kids hand me a sheet and say "can you play the xxxx part". I have an easier time reading alligator tracks in the swamp.
Like ABC notation is for the trad fiddlers/ whistle players, or tab for the blues harmonica players, or Asian notation (my favorite) for tremolo... they are all great systems, but standard has it all and can be quickly scribbled out on a staff by kids who know what they are doing.
I envy the ear players as well. Someone who can play by ear and from standard notation has access to everything.

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JOHN H BROECKER'S WONDER CHANNEL 1 year 2 months ago #9082

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In my experience John is correct. But his opinion applies to those wanting to get more professional. Why not, John is a music teacher. But for those of us who just want the satisfaction of learning to knock out a tune some assistance is helpful. Otherwise we tend to give up.
I studied the traditional music notation at first. And was good at reading the notes and rhythm, playing Key C music on my ken C 10 Hole diatonic.
But I need to play sharps/flats, so began with a chromatic.
Ok, now when I read a note I had to learn it goes on a different hole. Then for a song with 4 sharps I had to remember which notes now had to use the slide. Then for 4flats I had to think now it's a different hole , 1 lower to make it a sharp so I could use the slide.
Then onto tremolos. Back to reading diatonic but different holes. Now this may well back up John's opinion. But with my memory not able to cope with all these variations I had to develop my own form of tabs which indicated length of notes, stops, slide action, draw an blow notes, all needed to play the tune. However, this form of help is only to get me going. Until l memorise it and muscle memory takes over.
Returning to back up John's opinion. To write up my form of tabs my knowledge of reading music notation was needed. I have learnt to transpose keys. Understand the signs that make the rhythm. Just elementary music reading needed for harmonicas.
To support some form of tabs, they allow the learning of a tune quickly for those of us with poor memories or not so good musical ears. So I am 50/50. But learn music.

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