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    Hi, I'm Steve. I'm 66, retired, and living in the hills of western Kentucky. 3 years ago, I moved here from central Florida after living there for a bit over 30 years, and I bought my first, and hopefully my only house. I'm a Vietnam Vet, and a life member of the local VFW. I'm a gun owner, collector, hunter, and I reload my own ammunition. I have a male sun conure that I named Little Pustic. I had him as a chick, and hand fed him out. He'll be 12 this coming November. I am also a General Class amateur radio operator.

    I've been playing around with harmonicas since I've been a kid, and as I grew up, I've bought a few nice harmonicas, and by now, some are worn out. I've recently bought a couple of chromatic harps that I'm trying to learn, and how to use the slide and still sound like I know what I'm doing. I also bought a few echo harps and a new Hohner Comet to replace a worn out Comet that I've had for well over 45 years now. :)