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    I have been a member here for 14 years. Years ago it was a great site, chat room,
    knowledgeable players, pros, intermediates, and beginners too. Now since "The Change"
    it seems to be a sight pandering to beginners.
    If you have come far enough to read this you are more than likely a beginner I have
    pissed off by being brutally honest, I make zero apologies for that. I offer the best help I can
    glean from thirty plus years of playing, If the person asking is at Harmonica Club asking a
    question, why send them to another site? Either answer or ignore, don't do their homework for
    them. But, like I have said, this is a site dedicated to pandering to beginners. Since they
    find "Bending" hard to do they get their little narrow minds collectively behind the idea that a
    bent note sounds harsh and therefore should be dismissed. COMPLETELY ignoring one of the
    basic expressive functions of the instrument, not to mention the fact that bent notes are essential
    to playing many scales. Then there are the "Chromatic Players" those who think that because
    the chromatic scale is there they don't have to learn how to bend notes, true, but, you still have to
    learn how to play the instrument. LEARN TO PLAY THE INSTRUMENT, that term seems to be the
    one that gives these idiots the most trouble, thinking that if THEY put the harmonica to their mouths
    music will come out. If you can't hear it in your head it will not come out, ever.
    I will buy your used harmonicas at a fair price (Considering they ARE USED). I try to do my part to
    better the bowling community. Thanks For Looking, Now Go Practice!!!
    Pete Burnett, Lakeland, Fl.
    "I post this to piss off snoops who find it easier to get "sparky" on the internet than learn the
    instrument they have gotten pissed at me about! So far not one (1) good player has taken offense."