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    I have been a member since March 2012. Started playing on a diatonic as a kid 10-11 years old. Had to teach myself and probably picked up all the bad habits. As I grew up I got hold of a Hohner Chromatic in the key of C. I seemed to like that better. It was easier to play single tones and occasionally I could make use of the button and get a semitone that had been missing before. (without knowing what a semitone was). I reached a level where I could play simple songs ( in the key of C) as long as I could whistle or hum the tunes. Anyhow, I thought it sounded pretty good even if it was a long way off Tommy Reilly whom I had been listening to on the radio.
    I kept it going for some years but as it often goes, everything seemed to die away and I stopped playing altogether. Then some years back I discovered the "World of Harmonica" on the Internet. That was really a new world to me and changed my life. Since then I have spent a lot of time listening to all the wonderful Harmonica music out there. I am glad I am in the internet age. (although I am a novice with computers). I only wish it had come sooner.
    I picked up playing again, rusty as could be. Never mind. I cannot read music and have only been learning to play by ear. I know what I have to do. I have to practice playing in other keys but C.
    I suffer from Parkinson disease and have been told that playing the Harmonica might be good good to me health wise.